Behind-The-Scenes Using Snapchat Views;

News 10:02 February 2024:

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From live coverages, news bulletins to advertisements, we see perfect coordinated activities that keep us glued to our television screen. What we seem to ignore is the time taken to produce such top class works that keep us entertained. With many people involved in the production, credit is always spread to all the cast involved like the presenters, directors, and editors. Have you been treated to what happens in the backstage? Probably we would appreciate the struggles they go through to ensure we entertained at all times. Since it cannot be treated as a program, the behind-the-scenes are broadcasted using their media platforms as it is a form of engagement with their fan base. The snapchat views from such posted content are what keep their followers engaged on their snapchat platform.

It creates a platform of appreciating the struggles but not to feel sorry for them. It is not only the efforts but company parties, corporate social activities that you are likely not to be featured in the mainstream news. Through the snapchat views, the company cements its culture to the viewers; you learn of their organization hence the personal bond and love grows. This brings the audiences close to the media houses since they feel involved in all your broadcasting activities.