News 11:02 February 2024:

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It goes without saying that being famous on twitter is perhaps one of the most difficult things that one can ever achieve. The situation is further aggravated if you are just an ordinary common person in society and not so many people out there have a real picture of who you are. As it is most evident, only those who are influential in the society and are well known out there have the capacity to be quite famous on the social media platform. So how can one get quite popular on twitter? Well, you need not wonder any more. It is quite simple.

Popularity on twitter is mainly based on a follower statistical point of view. If you have quite a large number of followers, you are bound to get even more. In the event that one person notes that you have a good number of followers and that you are well and numerously liked, it will raise an eyebrow and they will be intrigued to find out who exactly is this person who is well liked. In the process, they will get to follow you and even like your posts and consequently, you get to have more followers and more twitter likes for the posts that you make. That is how it gets to work out.